The Battle of the Birds: Cardinals Beat Eagles on Sep. 9 Game

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The Battle of the Birds: Cardinals Beat Eagles on Sep. 9 Game


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Crowds cheering. Feet stomping. Screams abounding. Bellaire took home a long-awaited 41-6 victory over the Pasadena Eagles Friday evening at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. After losing to Clear Falls last week and Clear brook in their first game of the season, this win marked a turning point for Bellaire’s losing streak.

The game started strong with Cardinals earning two touchdowns in the first quarter for a score of 14 points. In the second quarter, they scored another touchdown and a field goal in a 24-0 lead.

The game heated up in the third quarter when Pasadena scored a touchdown and increased their score to six points. Not to be thwarted, Bellaire continued their lead and earned another touchdown and field goal to make their score 34 points.

Junior Lily Gastineau remembered the cheers going through the stands.

“By this point, we knew we were probably going to win. When the band did the ‘let me see you get down’

chant, everyone was in a great mood. That was my favorite part of the game.”

When the game ended, Bellaire had scored another touchdown to earn their 41- 6 victory. Without a home field advantage, this victory boosted morale of the teammates.

“I think it is the start of a great season,” Gastineau said.

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