Saltillo Restaurant Review


Kayla Washington

Saltillo provides a nice environment to dine in.


A new authentic Mexican restaurant has appeared in the Bellaire area. Saltillo, named after the capital of Coahuila, Mexico, is an inviting environment despite its’ casual outward appearance. The recently opened eatery includes entrees on their menu like Pollo en Salsa Borracha, a grilled chicken dish made with beer, tomatoes, mushrooms, and peppers; Canita de Diezmillo Asada, a tender-cut Angus beef shoulder; Tacos de Poll en Mole, enchiladas made from cheese or chicken filled tortillas with a special homemade sauce, and so much more.

In my dining experience, the hostess happily seated me at a table and soon afterwards, the waiter approached with the menus. The waiter offered me a drink of my choosing, and after bringing my requested water, he was patient as I looked over what the restaurant had to offer. I chose to eat the Quesadilla Ahogada en Salsa, which were fresh corn tortillas filled with Chihuahua cheese and covered in ranchera sauce. The tasty appetizer also included an assortment of sauces that can be topped on it, like the mild tomatillo sauce that I softly dolloped on pieces of the cheesy dish.

The ambience can be described as a classy yet informal setting, with a recommendation that you leave the children at home. It is open for lunch hours but the menu items can easily become steep but if you are looking to spend under $40 for you and someone else, it is definitely doable.

My experiment was pleasurable and I will definitely have to go back again soon! I recommend that you all visit too. Saltillo is located in the Bellaire Triangle on 5427 Bissonnet, Suite 200 and is open Monday through Thursday from 11:00am to 10:00pm, Friday and Saturday from 11:00am to 11:00pm, and Sunday from 12:00am to 5:00pm. Stop by if you’re looking to have a nice dinner at somewhere new!