Black Friday Shopping Trip


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Black Friday. Also typically known as the day after Thanksgiving,; however, for shopaholics such as myself, it’s the most sacred day of the year. It’s not just the deals that come along with the day, but it’s the fact that you are running around the town, with shopping bags filled, while the rest of the bustling city sleeps. It’s exhilarating. Walking into a mall with the lights beaming, all of the stores calling your name- the clothes, shoes, accessories, gadgets, all of this stuff that you suddenly realize you need. It’s all in front of you, at the tip of your fingers. That was the case for me. Every year, my dad and I go Black Friday shopping and it’s our time to talk and shop. We gravitate towards Memorial Mall or First Colony Mall rather than the Galleria, because they tend to be less crowded. Our pick this year was First Colony Mall, and our trek began with Macy’s. It was pretty crowded, but they had good selections and lots of shoe options… at the beginning of the night. Then, we went to PacSun, Abercrombie & Fitch, Banana Republic, American Eagle, and a few other stores. They’re discounts were generally around to 40%-50% off the entire store. I left the mall with my hands filled with bags, and a smile on my face. I spend good time with my dad, and we had fun together. Hours later, my friend and I tackled the Galleria and went to Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, Free People, Lulu Lemon, ect. The sales ranged from 25%-40% off of selected items. I had an exciting night and day, bought a lot of clothes and shoes, and saved a lot more than I would have if I bought everything I did at full price. Definitely already looking forward to next years Black Friday.

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