Facebook members press “wow” to new reaction buttons

Emotions gallore: Facebook adds new

courtesy of Facebook

Emotions gallore: Facebook adds new "reactions" that users can apply to their friends' posts.


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The days of well-meaning but incredibly awkward “likes” are over. With the new Facebook reactions buttons, the dilemma of whether or not you should like your classmate’s post about her dead pet will no long plague mankind because now, with the push of the shiny new button, you can send her your condolences with the “sad” reaction button without any hassle or awkward interactions. This is the beginning of a new era.

The new reaction buttons include love, haha, wow, sad and angry. After a year of working on the new feature, Facebook has recently added it. One must merely hover their mouse over the like button and a dashboard including the shiny new emoji-like reaction buttons appear. If one is checking their status on a phone or tablet, simply press down on the like button until the new buttons come up. Facebook shows the top three reactions that people have had to your post.

Each button has its own purpose.

The “love” button can be used to express all that emotion that the like button can’t even begin to show, or it can be used to subtly flirt with your crush when she posts something cute, like: “Wow, today’s going to be a great day!”

See something absolutely hilarious? The “haha” button is here to laugh for you. It’s like commenting “lol” on your crush’s post without actually going through the shame of posting a comment with the single acronym “lol.”

“Wow! We love the new ‘wow’ button!” If one could choose a button for the new update, it would obviously be the wow button, used to show your pleasant surprise. Especially when your crush has posted a picture of her college acceptance letter.

The “sad” button is the savior of all. Here to diffuse awkward situations, you no longer need to look like a jerk whenever you “like” a friend’s post with a sad message. See a post about a breakup? Press the sad button. Is there a post about the downfall of our planet due to pollution? Press the sad button. Has your crush just announced that she’s going on a date? Go ahead and press that sad button.

For the moments when you see something so dumb that it makes steam pour out of your ears, the “angry” button is there for you. Did your crush just change her relationship status to “in a relationship?” Go ahead and slam your finger on the button so hard that the person on the receiving end can feel your rage. Or maybe don’t. Try not to break any fingers, phone screens or keyboards while testing this new feature.