Teen Wolf’s Final Season Shines


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After five heartbreaking seasons, “Teen Wolf” was finally pulling to a close with its sixth and final season. This one was just as heart wrenching as the previous five, if not more, considering that this was the only season that actually made me shed tears. With the mid-season premiere airing on Jan. 31, 2017, fans were left with bittersweet feelings.


First things first, season six was much better than the mess known as season five. Season five was a rolling dumpster fire, with bad French accents, huge plot holes and a long list of mediocre villains. Most TV shows try to amp up the tension by throwing in more than one big baddie, and “Teen Wolf” was no stranger to this technique. If anything, it was too familiar with it. The Dread Doctors and Theo were really enough villains for one season, but then the writers decided to have a reunion and throw in a few past characters to spice things up, and by few, I mean too many. There was also a huge clutter of side plots: Malia trying to kill her mom, Kira trying to control her inner-fox, literally everything with Liam and Mason.


Because of this, when season six was announced to be the final season, I couldn’t help but be relieved because the quality of “Teen Wolf” had really decreased since season one. To be fair, it was never really the highest quality show, but what could you expect from MTV? I just missed when Scott and Stiles were twiggy 16 year olds with no idea how things worked and when Derek Hale was a series regular. By god, I miss that man; why didn’t he make a comeback in season five? But I digress.


I was tentative going into season six. One of my favorite actresses, Arden Cho, who played Kira Yukimura, was no longer on the show, and one of my least favorite characters, Theo Raeken, was scheduled to return. Furthermore, from what little I knew about the plot, Stiles Stilinski would be going missing, and how was I supposed to enjoy the show without my favorite squishy human?


Apparently, Stiles Stilinski was really easy to forget because I loved season six. It still didn’t quite reach that coveted spot of “Best Season,” but it was a lot more fun than the last couple of seasons. Even though it was a heck of a lot more angsty.


This time around, “Teen Wolf” had definitely learned its lesson and made their episodes revolve more around the plot than on filler, and they decreased the number of villains. Just two this time! Every episode actually drove the plot forward, and even the episodes that seemed like they might be pointless fit seamlessly into the main plot.


The writers did a very good job of humanizing the characters this go-around. While I did not sympathize with Theo, that boy could die in a pit for all I cared, a weaker man might have felt for his trauma. I definitely did cry for Sheriff Stilinski, though, which, if I’m being perfectly honest, is a little embarrassing. I cannot believe I cried because of “Teen Wolf.”


But on the topic of Sheriff Stilinski, it was interesting seeing which fan theories came to fruition, most of them relating back to the Stilinski family. The names of the Sheriff and Stiles both came to light in this season, and the writers finally revealed who holds Stiles’ heart in the end.

The first part of season six ended on such a good note that I was terrified about what part two had in store. It seemed to end in a good place with most of the loose ends tied up and little else to expand upon.


I guess I will just have to wait until the summer for the last half of the season to see what unnecessary plot the writers and producers will drag out.