Trollhunters Review


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Every now and then, I find a show that baffles me with its lack of rave reviews. That is how I felt with Trollhunters. An animated show produced by Netflix and Dreamworks, and created by Golden Globe winning director Guillermo Del Toro, this was one of the best cartoons and Netflix original series I’ve ever watched. It was easy for me to binge all 39 episodes, firmly planted on my sofa for 3 days in a row.

Trollhunters follows an ordinary teenage boy, James “Jim” Lake Jr., and his best friend Toby Domzalsky, as their everyday life is turned upside down after Jim discovers a magical amulet that grants him the title of the Trollhunter. Jim is obligated to protect a secret society of creatures called Trolls, living below the seemingly ordinary city of Arcadia, CA, from the forces threatening both Troll and human society. The duo attempts to balance high school and Jim’s new secret with protecting an entire world against Bular and Gunmar, two Trolls set on destroying the peaceful society known as Trollmarket to rise to power.

I was expecting this show to be yet another cheesy coming of age cartoon, but it ended up being better than I could have ever expected. The first two episodes started slow, setting up the characters and their relationships. From a glance, it seems as if Trollhunters will follow all the traditional tropes, but soon after they are set up, our initial thoughts of the characters and their world are broken down. Jim seems like a run of the mill teenage boy protagonist, but he is caring, protective and surprisingly sensitive. Toby seems like the typical comic relief character, but he ends up being motivational and supportive. Claire, the cliché love interest, turns out to be witty, smart, and a being a valuable part of the team. The plot was interesting and exciting, with each episode continually leaving you hooked and thirsty for more. The fates of the three main characters is never certain, and it is hard to predict what twists the show will take.

Along with an engaging plot, the show is just overall one of the most visually appealing ones to date. The animation is fantastic, with beautiful sequences and fluid movements. 3D animation can be difficult to pull off, and some shows seem awkward and unreal, but Trollhunters has none of those issues. Instead it feels vibrant and interesting to watch, without losing the wholesomeness that typically occurs in 3D animation.

Overall, this is a show that is gorgeous and exciting. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a fantasy and action show that will have them hooked on every episode. Animated shows may initially seem like they are just for children, but don’t be turned away: there are definitely themes and plots that can be thoroughly enjoyed by adults too. And don’t expect this show to only be happy and feel good. There were many moments that had me extremely caught up in the emotions of the scene.

I will be patiently waiting for the third season to be released on Netflix later in 2018, ready to plant myself on the couch again for another binge session.