In Bloom Music Festival


Rapper 21 Savage, Martin Garrix, and Lil Uzi Vert headlined the Inbloom Music Festival, previously Free Press Summer Fest, on Mar. 24 and 25 at Eleanor Tinsley Park  in downtown, as thousands of people watched.

Freshman Emma Montgomery attended the festival along with numerous other Bellaire students.

“My favorite concert was by far Martix Garrix, the DJ,” Montgomery said. “ His concert was different from the other ones, first, because he is a DJ and not a rapper, but also because his music got the crowd the most excited.”

Montgomery said that during the concert the crowd would form Mosh Pits.

“When the song builds tension, everyone backs up and after the beat drop everyone runs in and body slams each other,” Montgomery said. “That was how my friend got a bloody nose, I got a few bruises, and I broke the sole off my shoe, but overall it was fun.”

Sophomore Sutton Compton made the toll unanimous; she said Martin Garrix was the best concert.

“He was a lot different than the other performers because he was genuinely happy to be performing,” Compton said. “The way he did his concert got everyone really excited and he was fun to watch.”

While Martin Garrix was the best performer to Freshman McKenna Clement, her favorite rapper, Lil Uzi Vert had a disappointing performance.

“He didn’t seem very into his performance, he seemed tired,” Clement said. “He could have been more energetic.”

Clement said the weather was decent, but very hot.

“The first day was a little cloudy and we thought it would rain,” Clement said. “The second day was really hot, and everyone was so sweaty. I wore white denim shorts and by the end of the day they were brown from people’s sweat.”

Clement said that because the weather was so hot, people dressed for the weather.

“A lot of girls wore crop tops and tube tops,” Clement said. “Some people dressed more scandalous and wore swimsuit tops and bralettes. Guys wore basketball jerseys and shorts, but everyone wore fanny packs and camelback backpacks.”

Montgomery said some people were irritable because of the heat.

“A group of people put down a blanket in the middle of everyone during the Lil Dicky concert, when the blankets should be put in the back,” Montgomery said. “If anyone stepped on it they would yell at them, so when one of my friends accidentally stepped on it, a 30 year old woman told my friend she would beat her up.”

Inbloom Music Festival renamed the festival after they changed the timing because of the tendency to rain. Montgomery, who attended the festival last year, said she liked the festival’s switch to spring.

“It was different from Free Press because it didn’t rain and we didn’t have to evacuate,” Montgomery said. “It was still hot, but at least it didn’t rain.”

Clement, who also attended last year, said the timing was good weather wise, but not for her schedule.

“It was a two day festival so I didn’t have time to do my homework,” Clement said. “I liked that it was the summer last year, and I didn’t have to worry about school.”

Clement said she wished the lineup was more diverse.

“Last year though, they had a variety of big artists from different genres,” Clement said. “This year it had 1 or 2 and the rest were random.”

Clement said the age demographic was surprising.

“There were a lot more older people,  a majority of 30 and up,” Clement said. “You would think it would be kids because the headliners and music genres were rap music.