Greatest Showman Movie Review


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If you are a fan of heartfelt love stories or a musical of inspiration, then The Greatest Showman is the movie for you. 20th Century Fox’s new movie was filmed in New York and released on December 8, 2017 and has since made over $100 million in theaters. Starring Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum, the movie told the story about the origin of the circus and more importantly its early controversy on the entertainment sector in the 1800’s.

The film overall featured a modern recount of Barnum’s life, though added extra scenes and changed the story to captivate readers’ interests. Still, the movie inspired viewers through his story of building up the 146 year business when he had very little to begin with. It had clear, high-quality pictures and good audio to project the voices which the musical was based on.

“I saw a trailer and then found the album so I decided to listen to it and loved the music right away. I started to sing along to it with my sister and we sang nonstop,” said Kara Leong, a sophomore who saw the movie over winter break.

Not only is Hugh Jackman a famous actor but he is also a talented dance and show man. The movie also featured stars such as Zac Efron and Zendaya who played the role of lovers whose backgrounds were a barricade to their relationship. The movie touched on this idea of social class depicting the distinctions when the wealthy did not want to associate with Barnum’s “freaks”. P.T. Barnum inspired the individuals who were not represented well in society and promoted equality. He showed these people that they were worth something just like everyone else.

The thing about following a dream is that obstacles always come up to stop someone from achieving them, that is until a miracle happens. Life continues to play on this endless cycle of success and disappointment and this was the case for Barnum. However, he let his dreams preside above his disappointments and through determination he made them come to reality. It was these sad scenes that could make the audience start tearing up, but they set the scene for him to rise up and establish the inspiring story that the whole film was based on.

Sophomore Christina Chen watched the movie with Leong. After watching the movie, Chen walked out of the theater with the story on her mind and began to reflect the morals into her own life.

“I felt reassured that misfits would be okay in the end and that society should welcome in anyone and everyone whether they are different or not,” Chen said.

It uplifted her spirits through its positive inspiring message and Leong felt this impact as well.

“It made me think about how much those people had to go through being made fun of a lot, which is what made me cry,” Leong said. “I just wanted to go home and dance and sing.”

Viewers can agree that the movie was somewhat cliche.

“I wish they ended the movie better but that is me with every movie,” Leong said.

Since America knows about the modern day form of the circus, which was put to an end in 2017, the ending showing Barnum’s success was predictable but it did a great job of showing the uneasy pathway that he took to get there.

“There was actually more drama than I imagined,” Chen said. “I was impressed by the way it drew you into the story.”

Whatever you may be going through right now, there is a chance that you will leave the theater with strong determination and a reassurance for the struggles you face. Both Chen and Leong suggest this film to a friend and give it a good rating.

“When you walk out singing the playlist after just watching it once, you know it is a good movie,” Chen said.