Three Brothers Bakery Review


If you happen to be driving along Braeswood Boulevard, you may notice a certain Three Brothers Bakery. Locals know the store to be a staple of the area, but what is it like for       everybody else?

Three Brothers Bakery has been in the Houston Area for nearly 70 years. The original owners and founders were Sigmund Jucker and his two brothers, Sol and Max. Robert Jucker, son of Sigmund, spoke about the            store’s history.

“Three Brothers Bakery is almost two hundred years old,” said Jucker. “It was first founded in Poland, in a small town called Chrzanow. My dad and my uncles learned how to work the bakery at a very early age, and then the Holocaust came and they were put into a concentration camp. After they were freed, they came to the U.S and the only thing they knew how to do was bake. They opened a bakery here in Houston, and the rest is history.”

Today, the original store is gone, but the Braeswood location still remains after flooding from Harvey. Two more stores have opened at Kingside Lane and another at Washington Avenue.

The Braeswood location contains a very welcoming atmosphere on the inside. The store is cozy but with enough space so you will not feel cramped. The bakery constantly smells like freshly baked pastries and bread, creating a nostalgic sense for customers, like something from their childhood. There are several tables spread throughout, with warm, yellow ceiling lights. The place is generally about half full, but most customers take their purchases home rather than dine in, so seating is always available.

There is a wide variety of baked goods on the menu, from traditional Jewish treats like the Hamantaschen to decorative Oreo Cheesecakes. The prices vary with the product, but generally are in the medium range of cost. A cookie like the Hamantaschen mentioned above sells for $2.50, while a Cream Cheese Brownie sells for $4.95. However, I would consider the cost worth it. I was able to try the Chocolate Chip Hamantaschen, which was delightfully sweet in the center but offset the crumbly bread that made up the exterior.

Overall, I would rate Three Brothers Bakery 4.5 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed the treats very much, but the somewhat expensive price could be a problem. With that being said, if you happen to pass by the store and have a few dollars on hand, I would definitely recommend stopping by and trying one of the numerous baked goods that they offer. Who knows, you might even find yourself coming back for more.