Charlie’s BBQ Restaurant Review

Charlie's BBQ Restaurant Review

Courtesy of Zoe George

As I walked into Charlie’s BBQ, I was warmly greeted by their employees as if I was part of their family. The best part was the smell of barbecue that lingered throughout the restaurant, and it added on to their ranch interior. Charlie’s BBQ had been in service for 40 years, and is family owned. Frank Demeris manages Charlie’s employees, and holds it close to his heart.

I had a chance to sit down with Demeris, the owner of Charlie’s BarbecBBQue, to ask some questions about the history of the restaurant and what it takes to run it. When asked about the origin of the restaurant’s name, he explained, “We bought it 30 years ago and it was originally named Charlie’s, so we kept it.”

Charlie’s only has one location at 4803 Bissonnet and Demeris also owned Charlie and Company, their high end catering business that is well known throughout Houston. He explained the importance of having this side business and the impact it has had for Charlie’s.

“Charlie’s and Company started in 2011. We cater anything from weddings, to high end seated dinners to corporate parties which have up to 3 thousand people in attendance,” Demeris said. “It really helps our service grow, and we are glad we can benefit our customers outside of the restaurant.”

According to Demeris, keeping the food fresh was the most important value that a restaurant should have. Customer satisfaction was an important quality to him and his employees. He explained why this is so important to Charlie’s staff, and himself.

“The hardest thing about owning a business is that you have to keep up with your employees. You can’t give them a half cooked burger, or give them a sandwich when the bun is too hard,” Demeris said. “Consistency is key and making sure everything is the same as the last time they came, is very important.”

Charlie’s staff was very involved in the community at Bellaire as well. He explained the importance of giving.

“I go to Bellaire a lot and give speeches and teach about culinary in some programs they hold. We even catered for their prom for a few years,” Demeris said. “My motto is don’t take, give back.”

Giving customers a well priced menu was also critical for Charlie’s business. Their menu was moderately priced, and have a variety. They have everything from burgers to brisket, and from side dishes to salads. There was something for everyone, of every age. The menu was conveniently placed in front of customers, as are the smiling faces of employees. Charlies BBQ deserves a 5 star rating in my opinion, and I will continue to dine to there.