Kamalan Bakery in Chinatown Serves Customers with Wide Variety

Chinatown in Houston has been one of the most visited places right now. From grocery shopping to restaurants, many of us has either seen or been in the traffic frenzy of the area. One spotlight of the complex is Kamalan Bakery.

Many customers enjoy not only the products but also the environment of the bakery. With soft music in the background and the fresh smell of newly cooked pastries fill the air of the whole bakery.

One of the workers and the cashier at this bakery is Linh Lam. “Kamalan Bakery has been in Houston for four years,” Lam said. “We are the only one in Houston”

The pricing of the products are definitely a win because most of the pastries are grab and go products which is not only affordable, but tasty at any occasion. Customers usually buy the bread and pastries off the shelf because it is easy to eat and fast to purchase. For more formal events, Kamalan also serve decorated cake to occasions like birthdays or any other holidays.

One of the crowd favorites is the cream bread, which greatly mixes the bread and the cream to fit the consumer’s tastes. “The cream bread and the mango cream cheese are the top-sellers,” Lam said. “The bread with the cream cheese filling with the flavor of mango makes the taste really good.”

The decorations and lighting is very fitting for all ages of customers. The soft lighting and the fresh smell invites long-time customers and also first-time buyers. Overall the scent really attracts the customers to not only look at the pastries but gladly buy them. The variety of pastries also serve customers for all ages and cultures. From ice creams to decorated cakes, the variety gives many opportunities for the customers to come back again and again.

This bakery, overall, I would rate it with a 5 because of the variety of products for every customer that walks in the door and how the ambience of the room vividly describes their products.