Urinetown the Musical: it’s a privilege to pee


Courtesy of Luke Parker

It’s a privilege to pee. Urinetown the all-school musical, a satirical comedy recommended for ages thirteen and up all about romance, revolution, and the nature of a money corrupted government finished a three day run on Saturday, January 25.

Urinetown was a cut above the average high school musical. With all around solid performances and a strong base in comedy Urinetown kept the mood light and humorous while tying together a vision of a future with nods to the theatre’s most iconic lovers Romeo and Juliet.

Actresses and actors sophomore Beta Lomeda, playing Hope Cladwell, and senior Thomas Girardet, playing Bobby Strong starred, crossing tax brackets and fanning the flames of their love and of a growing insurrection against a monopolizing corporation and a corrupt lobby. Both headlined the show with strong voices and big stage presence.

With a romance set in a grungy urban landscape. Urinetown’s set and costume design truly set the scene and mood for a down-on-their-luck cast hardened by the drought and tough times under Urine Good Company’s thumb. The ensemble cast added just as much as the leads with their enthusiasm and chemistry throughout the show, and from the viewers perspective most of the shows entertainment value can be attributed to them.