Tips to Avoid Freshman 15!


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Are you suffering from Senioritis, but are anxiously awaiting Freshman year? Have you been feeling sluggish and in need of motivation to get your blood pumping? Are you aware of the Frightening Freshman 15? If you nodded your head “yes” while reading this and felt a strong personal connection with the previous questions, I have the perfect step-by-step solution for you. Following my one hundred percent success guaranteed routine as well as lifestyle tricks, you will be able to walk your path to your future full of health and confidence. Have no fear, because Conditioning Coral is here!

Tip 1: Healthy Eating

In order to achieve your goal of a pristine physique, I would recommend focusing on what you put in your body. Stay away from the temptations of large donuts, artificially sweetened coffee, and ramen. I know how difficult that will be, and I mean, you can treat yourself to one every once in awhile, but the less junk you put in your body- the better. College cuisine is not the healthiest as we are all well aware, however make use of the salad bars on campus and try to Pinterest some clean eating recipes. Try to find ones that enable you to use a microwave, since most dorms do not accommodate stove tops in order to prevent a fire hazard for the Not-The-Sharpest-Tool-In-The-Shed people occupying the building. It is said that to reach your fitness goals, the effort is 30% in the gym and 70% in the kitchen, so think about what you feed your body.

Tip 2: Working Out

Cardio! I cannot stress this enough. Cardio keeps you lean and weight lifting bulks you up and defines you. I always start off my workouts with interval cardio, so my whole body is activated before my actual set of whatever I choose to work out that day. It wakes me up and gives me the right boost to complete a work out successfully. If running is too strenuous on your legs or knees, the elliptical, swimming, and the stationary bike are all go-to’s. Take advantage of your university’s gym, and don’t waste money on an external gym! College is hard enough on the budget. YouTube is also a great source to watch yoga videos in your dorm and do a simple work out like that in private. And best of all… it’s free!

Tip 3: Sleep

Now, you probably didn’t think that you could help yourself resist the Freshman 15 by catching a few more Z’s at night, but SURPRISE! Sleep is most definitely important, so you can reboot your body. If you don’t reboot yourself, then you won’t be able to focus on your classes which will create stress leading to more unhealthy habits. Give yourself time to sleep and rest, that way when the sun comes up, you are prepared for the new day.

Tip 4: WATER

Ah, water. A key natural element to your body. That’s the one drink you MUST drink in college. Your body needs at least two liters of water a day, so if you aren’t already, carry a water bottle around with you and refill whenever you need to. If you think it tastes “too bland” for your liking, try the MIO liquid water enhancer that is naturally favored. As fun as partying will be in college, make sure you take care of your body first and hydrate yourself the right way so you won’t be hurting in the morning. 😉

I hope you found these tips helpful and that they help you resist the Freshman 15. Good luck  to all of your Senior’s in your pursuit to your future and all of your goals. Signing off, Conditioning Coral!