Arrested Development Review

Arrested Development Review


Arrested Development was a show about a very rich family that suddenly loses all of their money. Everyone in the family continues to spend money regardless of their financial situation. The main character, Michael Bluth, tries to stop this but often fails. Everyone in the family is a mess, even Michael Bluth who thinks he is normal. My favorite character is Lucille Bluth because she is very crazy and it always comes off as humorous.

I liked Arrested Development because it was very funny. It has very subtle humor since the characters are not trying to be funny. As a result, you have to pay extra attention while watching it. The first three seasons are the best. Once Netflix takes over in the fourth season, the show jumped the shark. Similar shows to Arrested Development are The Office and Parks and Rec. If you like either of these shows, Arrested Development is a good show for you to try. Junior Marisa Pena is a fan of Arrested Development.

“Arrested Development is one of my favorite television shows,” Pena said. “My favorite character is George Michael because he is very funny and innocent to all of the families craziness.”

You can find Arrested Development on Netflix. Although you don’t have to watch it in order, it is best to do so. Pena describes her favorite episode.

“My favorite episode is definitely the first one,” Pena said. “It explains all of the characters and everything happens so quickly. It is so hilarious it is definitely the best.”

Arrested Development is a good show for you if you enjoy funny, mockumentaries. On a scale of 1-10, I give Arrested Development a 10.