Earth Day


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We live on a planet with over 7 billion people on it. The earth as we know it has many resources and materials to make our lives easier. We use these things on an everyday basis to make our lives easier. The earth is over 4.543 billion years old and has been through so much over these years but then you wonder with people from corner to corner how much does the earth has to give left. The earth is far away from many hazards which is good for us the people and animals living on it. We have a star called the sun which provides light for all life on the earth. The star known as the sun is long-lasting and very important to live on earth because it gives us the energy we need to power everything on earth. The energy from the sun is converted into elements, by living things we need vitamin d which is from the sun, and into a useable form. That means we can store energy for other things and keep some for later. The food we eat is from the ground wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the sun. The earth is just right when it comes to the needs of human and animals living on it. We have water, air, and land giving to us when we need them. With the number of people on this earth, things will run out if people are not caring or conscious of this earth. Earth day was a movement created by people who care about our planet and don’t want to see it die.  One of the world largest environment movement to educate the people on these planet ways that we can make this world a better and long-lasting place to live on. People all over the world come together to acknowledge the fact that we need to take better care of our planet. Actives like picking up plastic, trash, and waste that is left behind. That what the kids who are apart of SEA ARK Environmental club are doing every day by trying to make the earth a little greener one day at a time. The purpose of the club is to promote environmental awareness, animal rights, and conservation mindsets to the public and the students at Bellaire. They want to teach the kids at Bellaire how we can do little things in our everyday life to make the world better for the future generation. Ways to make their lives a little easier in the world or to make habits for the students to use in the future and would be able to teach to others.