Genetic Testing Our Future


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From the editorial board on the Washington Post, Genetic-testing technology is progressing rapidly the rules need to keep up, written on September 4, 2018. The writers argument is about how genetic-testing is being used without the consent of the person. The target audience of this argument are the people of American and the people who have no idea that they DNA is being used. This argument is effective because it lets people know of something they don’t think about from day to day.

The author of this article doesn’t really establish their credibility about genetic-testing all there are trying to do is tell the person who reading about their privacy. The author is not addresses viewpoint because to him or her all genetic-testing at home should not be shared with the government without the consent of the person. Which to me makes a whole lot of sense when you are doing something from the comfort of your own home why would the government need to keep or have your information.

I understand that for them they are looking it form a safety point of view but the person at home will not care about that when they are to find out that they information was read by someone they don’t know about. This would have started rising question among the customer of things like: Why did they get by consent to see if this was okay with me from the beginning? Will my informant go to someone that l have asked to have it or is planning to do something bad with it?

“Eventually, this technique helped investigators close one of the most notorious cold cases in recent history — but it also raised important questions about the privacy rights of customers”. The author is talking how genetic-testing helped solve one of the most notorious case in our history which was about a man called the golden state killer. Without testing or collecting DNA the investigators would have been able to find him. So, what the author is trying to say is that no all genetic-testing is bad but when it comes to the customers do they really know what is being done to their DNA without their consent.

You may be wondering what customer they keep on talking about that would be people like you and me. You may be wondering again what we have to do with genetic-testing and l am here to answer your question. When you go on websites like Ancestor and 23andme to see what your family tree looks like the lab needs to be able to match your DNA to people in the past to see where you come from. But with things like that it your DNA could be shared with someone you don’t want to have it or be in the wrong hands of some very bad people.

The government should step in and tell the companies who don’t really have rules that it’s important to have some so that the customers can feel safe and protected when sharing something like this with them. “Congress should step in. Genetic-testing technology is progressing rapidly. The rules need to keep up. Even as companies strengthen their privacy policies, lawmakers should consider creating baseline security standards and disclosure requirements to ensure that consumers understand the risks and how their data can be used”. You never know what our future holds in this world that is growing rapidly but it’s important that our government a system we believe and trust so much will have rules for genetic-testing.