Summer travel leaves fun memories

Courtesy of Zoe George


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Travel has been a huge factor of my life . It’s safe to say that I am close to visiting all 50 states. As a result of traveling I have made amazing memories that have stuck with me. My favorite memories are usually with good friends that I have made rom trying to balance on a paddle board in Maine to cycling through the mountains in Colorado.

My fondest memory this summer was going on a life changing trip to Boston for two weeks. I went to a pre-college summer camp through a program called Summerfuel. People from places all over the world like Brazil, France, Europe and Egypt came to the program. My roommate was from Puerto Rico and we hit it off real well; however, my closest friends were from California, Oregon, Boston, and France. One night we were out of candy, and my friend, Louis, and I decided to take one for the team and go to the CVS in town. We didn’t know where the town was since it was so dark, so I used Google Maps. We tried to follow the path where the maps were taking us, but we eventually got lost. For about 45 minutes we had no idea where we were. Finally, two girls from the program walked by so we followed behind them. When we reached the town, we detached from them and walked on the busy sidewalk to CVS.

My friend, Louis, accidentally bumped into a homeless man who had some obvious signs of mental deficiencies. He started yelling at us, begging for forgiveness. My friend and I assured him it was fine. Then we crossed the street to Davis Square, a small area in the town with chairs and a band. From a faraway distance we heard an inaudible voice yelling at us. We assumed it was the homeless man, so Louis grabbed my arm and we ran to a table. I peeked up over some peoples’ heads with a hand waving at us. Hunched over, my friend and I walked out of town as fast as we could. When we got back to the dorm, we came empty handed with no candy. The other girls were disappointed but could understand why we ran from the homeless man. The residential assistant on our floor walked up to us and said “Louis and Zoe! You are so rude!” in a playful voice. We were confused, and he explained that he was the person yelling and waving at us from across the street. He told us the other RA’s joked that his residents must not like him at all. We broke out laughing, feeling stupid. It was a summer trip I’ll never forget.