Personal Column: NFL Gameday makes a long-awaited return
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Personal Column: NFL Gameday makes a long-awaited return

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Oh, football. How we’ve missed you.

How long has it been since we’ve split up? Eight months ago you turned out the lights on us and disappeared. Eight months ago, February 3rd. I still remember the day. A mighty raven soared overhead as millions woke up the next morning with a huge piece of themselves missing, a significant other half gone.

Were we satisfied? Well, yes. It was a good run. Maybe not for a nation of gold prospectors, but for the rest of us, we cherished you. We lived and breathed football. We bled our team’s colors.

And now you’re back. You know we couldn’t stand being apart. Did you honestly think we’d be fine after you left us? Of course we saw it coming; we usually do. But it was still hard.

And now here we are. We’re ready to meet up again in Baltimore. About 70,000+ will see you in person under the starry night, not to mention the millions on television. We’re welcoming you back with open arms.

The grass freshly cut. The field painted. The lights shine for the night. Helmets strapped on tight. Takes our breath away every time. It’s really happening again, huh?

We’re glad you planned such a nice evening for the two of us. Two star-studded teams in a playoff rematch.

The superstar with the household name, with all the accolades, a truly established career. Peyton Manning will lead his Denver Broncos to make up for last year’s loss in the playoffs.

On the other side, we’ll see the defending champs. Joe Flacco, a formerly underrated quarterback who has now proven himself in the postseason once. Coming off the Super Bowl win against the 49ers last February he’s ready to defend his territory.

Seasoned Veteran vs. Proven Underdog. That’s the theme here for the quarterback matchup. Ultimately, the wisdom that comes with the experience will win out here on opening night.

A Baltimore team that has lost its enigmatic catalyst in a retired Ray Lewis will find it difficult to match up against the aerial assault of Manning and his receiver core. It will be all offense, all night long for the Broncos.

The Ravens will get in their points, too, sure enough. But it won’t be enough to match the Broncos’ offensive game plan.

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