Red Cross Volunteer during Hurricane Harvey looks back on experience

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Red Cross Volunteer during Hurricane Harvey looks back on experience


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Red Cross has changed my perspective on life. It gave me more of a reality check because of what I was seeing and witnessed.

Red Cross has given me a more of a chance to see the bad and the good, and to help in certain situations like helping give out food to people who suffered in natural disasters. In some instances, people who have suffered from a natural disaster had lost everything.

Hurricane Harvey was the most tragic event that had happened to Houston so far. Giving a helping hand during this time really helped out the community. I found it very interesting how many Houstonians came together to help out one another at this time of loss. People who had volunteered to help food drives, foundations who had donated, all come together to help support others in their hard times. I feel like this event has changed many people’s perspective on tragic disasters.

Houston doesn’t really experience many natural tragic disasters as other than flooding and hurricanes. But we had experienced two very recent floods right before Harvey which was by far the worst flood in terms of destruction. But this event has changed me for the better. I understand the responsibility and need to help people out. Red cross changed my perspective of disasters around the world.

Months after Harvey, the amount of rebuilding and construction and money that is going to be needed to repair our city and state is unbelievable. I heard that its going to be the most expensive tragic event in Houston’s history. So many people and families have lost absolutely everything houses, cars, furniture and pets. But Houston is strong and will recover and be stronger than before. We will be prepared for the next time. The surprising factor that I saw was when strangers, who had no idea who you where, would still come to your aid and assist. It is just humanity that saw a person in need of help, and would help out in a situation of need.

These actions were what really changed me and affected me positively. Many people felt the same way and wanted to help contribute in some way, just help out those in need. Even today, Houston is still cleaning up the mess that Harvey is. The destruction and devastation was absolutely insane to watch and experience.

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