Miracle Baby


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I was my mother’s “miracle baby”.

When my mother was pregnant with me I gave her a lot of medical problems. When she was 7 months pregnant, she was diagnosed with preeclampsia which is a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure. She was then admitted to the hospital right away. After 2 weeks, she was admitted. They started inducing her because she was getting worse by the day, and I was not growing.

They kept on taking ultrasounds on her, and she would always ask what was she having since she didn’t know but they wouldn’t tell her because she was so sick, and there was a chance of me not making it. At that moment, my mother thought we were both not going to make it.

The doctors couldn’t decide if they should do the surgery or not because of her blood pressure. They thought it was way too risky, but my mother wanted to take that risk. Finally after 16 hours of being in labor, I was born on August 11, 2002.

Right after I was born the nurses took me to ICU, and I was not able to be with my mother because she was so sick. When she was able to do things for herself, they brought me to her.

I was born prematurely, but I was a healthy baby. I was a miracle baby because my mom never thought she could get pregnant, and when she did, she almost lost the only baby she could ever have.

“You were my perfect miracle,” my mother said.

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