Bill Waltemath leads a band practice.

Dinna Pineda

New band director settles in

September 18, 2015

This 2015 school year brought many new and exciting things. For one thing, there’s a new band director in school, Bill Waltemath. Last year’s band director Michael Hardy retired and may have left many students anxious as to who would fill his place.

Only a couple weeks into school, the band students have already become acquainted with Waltemath. Even the rest of the student body has been able to witness him in action, directing the marching band during pep rallies and football games. He originally wanted to teach here because of the musically talented reputation Cardinals have. Although this may be Waltemath’s first year as the Bellaire Band Director, he has taught in several schools before. Originally from Dallas, he taught at H. Grady Spruce High School for six years, and prior to that, he was at Pershing Middle school.

“When I taught at Pershing Middle school, it was my dream to one day be the band director at Bellaire High School,” Waltemath said. “And here I am.”

This is his 25th year teaching. He was previously a member of the Air Force Band in D.C., where he played the tuba and trombone. Now, he is a member of the Air Force Reserve Band.

“I used to play trombone in several professional jazz groups, having just moved down to Houston I’m not really playing a lot right now,” Waltemath said.

In the past, the Bellaire Band has won many trophies and received high ratings at U.I.L. competitions. Waltemath experience shows that there is no doubt that he will be able to continue Bellaire’s success.  He is very excited about directing such a prestigious band as Bellaire’s. The student body looks forward to many more years of awards and honor under the direction of Waltemath.

“I’m excited about being the Bellaire Band director because all the students here are known for being hard working and talented,” Waltemath said. “That’s why I wanted to teach here.”


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