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Marrissa Rawls Profile


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The stage lights sting. The familiar feeling of butterflies in your stomach. The excruciating nerves getting to you. This was the life of sophomore Marrissa Rawls . Rawls was a two year eMotions dancer who started this season ready for what was to come. He excelled on the field right before his world came crashing down.

“My first thought when I hit the stage is, “ I hope I don’t mess up’”, Rawls said, “I get nervous before a big performance..”

Rawls has danced for most of her life and enjoyed the excitement of it. Her first year on eMotions, she proved that he was a force to be reckoned with on the stage amongst the other seasoned dancers. Dance was not just a sport to her, for she considered it her way to escape the realities of life. Rawls continued to dance throughout her teen life, and continued to keep her head on straight and her eyes on the prize.

“I feel like I have been blessed me with being able to dance,” Rawls said, “I dance because it takes me into a whole other world that some people would not even imagine.”

She realized in an instant how quickly a bright future full of endless opportunity could be derailed so she has been very careful in her dancing and how she takes care of herself.

“I am a very confident dancer in terms of skill and endurance,” Rawls said.

Having gone through all emotional ups and downs during her life, she was eager to find a way to help other dancer facing the same adversity.
“I feel for the other dancers that use dance as an escape from some of the struggles they go through. It is really admirable,” Rawls said.

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Marrissa Rawls Profile