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Gary Tunstall Profile


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Gary Tunstall is an assistant principal that has been at Bellaire for about ten years now, although he began his education career at Kashmere High School.

“I began teaching Spanish in 1994 at Kashmere High School,” Tunstall said. “I did that for three years, then I went to the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. I taught Spanish there for 3 years and then I was magnet coordinator for the next three years. I then went to Eisenhower High School for 4 years after deciding to get back into the classroom. After that I came to Bellaire and taught Spanish for one year and now I am in my 9th years as assistant principal.”

Mr.Tunstall has worked in many different schools teaching his second language of Spanish, but once he came here he decided it was time for a change. The now assistant principal of Alpha A and Special Education shares the tale of how he ended up being a part of the Cardinal Staff.

“I interviewed for assistant principal, and I interviewed well, but I did not get it. Then a Spanish teaching position opened and I applied for that and got it. After a year, I applied for the assistant principal position again and got it.”

Of course the administration can be a little tough on the students, but it’s all for a greater cause. Aware that navigating through high school can be a little rough, Tunstall has seen many students have difficulty with trying to move on beyond high school. He explained his greatest overall moment within his educational career.

“I guess seeing the kids that have struggled or had difficulty, graduate,” Tunstall said. “You know, the kids that a lot of people give up on.”

When not on the clock, Mr. Tunstall likes to take leisure in playing and watching sports. His favorite football team is the University of Houston Cougars, of whom he is an avid supporter of. Although not his favorite, but a nice relaxing hobby, Tunstall spends some of his free time on the golf course.

“Guess I gotta say ‘play golf’,” Tunstall said, “not that I am any good at it.”

Gary Tunstall is committed to the school and all of the students in it. He has dedicated his time and effort to making sure that students are set on the path that will take this to their fullest potential. He has impacted the lives of students who have came through his office and classroom doors.

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