eMOTION Dance Company’s fall show starts their year off with a leap

December 1, 2015

At seven p.m. on November 20, 2015, the auditorium was packed. The lights had been dimmed, and people were milling around, searching for a seat when the lights flashed once, twice, and signaling the start of the show. It was the first eMOTION Dance Company production of the year: Dreams. The auditorium was packed, and with a total of 18 performances choreographed by the students, the audience was given a real treat.

The dancers had worked on the production since the beginning of the school year. Sophomore and Modern dance officer Ruth Ling explained the process of preparing for the show.

“Officers usually work on choreography every day by themselves at home,” Ling said. “During after school practice, we teach the students for about ten hours every week. This week was especially busy; we spent about 15 to 20 hours practicing.”

Sophomore and Modern dance officer Sara Tin-U agreed, noting the amount of work put into the show.

“We have been staying after school until six or seven pm in the week of show,” Tin-U said. “It’s been extremely tiring. Before that, we had been practicing every single day and choreographing and cleaning. It’s just been a lot of work put into this show.”

The work was worth it because the performers put on an excellent show. Their theme, Dreams, was able to capture the feel of each dance. Freshman and Modern dance performer Mia Li described the meaning of the theme.

“The seniors this year wanted to do something with dreams this year because of their aspirations,” Li said. “We decided that it would be a nice twist if we put it as dreams as in when you’re asleep dreams rather than dreams as in future aspirations.”

Ling explained the meaning behind the dance she and Irene Didenko choreographed, “Insomnia.”

“It’s about how you’re trying to go to sleep, but you can’t because things are on your mind,” Ling said. “You’re trying to solve that problem.”

Although they were nervous beforehand, the performers agreed that they had a great time and felt great after the show.

“I was very nervous before the show,” Tin-U said. “I feel a lot more relieved because I finished the dance that my friend and I choreographed. I’m really happy that it went well, and I feel a lot better.”

After warming up for the year, the eMOTION Dance Company will now be working on their Spring Show, as well as their pieces for competition.

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