eMotion Spring Dance Show ends season with thunderous applause


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IMG_0853 copyOn April 29, 2016, the auditorium was filled with people chattering and bubbling with joy as they waited for the TV- themed show to start. Seven PM sharp, the lights flashed twice and the show began. The eMotions dance team performed a myriad of danced featuring top hit television series and movies including American Horror Story, America’s Next Top Model, Inception, and Saw.

The officers and dancers have been working hard since their last performance to pull off this thrilling show. Ruth Ling, sophomore Modern officer, was excited to feel that her semester’s work full of sweat and tears finally pay off as she performed her last dance for the school year.

“We’ve been working on the dances for a while now,” Ling said. “We spent about 15 to 20 hours each week teaching and practicing with the members in order to put on a good show.”

Considering her options, Ling exerted much effort and thought into putting together the costumes for her dance. In the end, she chose two different colored dresses to correspond with the vibes she intended to exert to the audience.

“This was actually the hardest part,” Ling said. “I wanted all of the dresses to be blue at first, however I felt like the combination of blue and purple fit the theme more.”

Sara Tin- U, also a sophomore Modern officer, noted the amount of effort they put into the show in order to satiate the audiences. Practices allowed dancers and officers to learn from each other and to perfect new styles and techniques.

“It has been extremely tiring,” Tin-U said. “We stayed pretty late each day of the week going into the performance, sometimes until six or seven PM. We had to hold practices daily in order to choreograph and clean the dances to our liking.”

After weeks of practicing and hours of rehearsing, Jasmine Huang, sophomore Modern dancer, feels great after the show and was glad that they were able to pull it off. Huang enjoyed the memories the show gave her and is looking forward to what’s in store next year.

“Officers did not shape their dances to the theme, but the theme to their dance,” Huang said. “It was really fun learning all the dances and overall, a really good experience.”

After being crowned nationals recently, the eMotion dance team can say that they have had a successful year. The eMotion team hopes you can come out to their next show in the fall!