Key Club Fundraises with the Low-Cal Calzone Zone

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Key Club Fundraises with the Low-Cal Calzone Zone


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On Feb. 7, the tasty smell of cheese and tomato sauce filled the air of the science conference center. Members of the Key Club bustled around and prepared for their luncheon, dubbed the Low Cal Calzone Zone.

Posters for the luncheon went up a month earlier, and announcements soon followed to advertise the event. The luncheon’s name, based on a “Parks and Recreation” episode, provided the theme for that Tuesday’s lunch. Key Club treasurer junior Sara Tin-U explained the reference.

“We wanted to attract more people by making a theme, so we chose ‘Parks and Rec,’” Tin-U said. “It referenced the episode ‘Comeback Kid,’ in which Ben Wyatt got super depressed and did random things such as making stop-motion animation videos and making calzones. Our event coordinator, Gabby Olinger, came up with the idea, and I organized the luncheon.”

To fit their theme, the Key Club members served pizzas and calzones. The money made from the luncheon would be used to help members pay for the trip to the Texas-Oklahoma District Convention in mid-April.

Key Club is a service club that works to help the community and build volunteer experience for their members. They have been involved in various projects throughout the years, including their recent Yuda Band sale. Tin-U spoke about the club’s plans for the future.

“The Key Club luncheon was for the upcoming district convention,” Tin-U said. “All the Key Clubs from the Texas-Oklahoma district come together so that we can celebrate our year of service.”

The convention will be in Dallas from April 19- 22. After closing up the luncheon, Tin-U explained to me what the club would be doing next.

“We don’t have any projects coming up at the moment,” Tin-U said. “Since the convention is coming up in April, we’re focused on making sure we have enough in our budget to pay for the trip so that everyone can go.”

While the luncheon did not exactly provide low calories, the Key Club did manage to provide a delicious meal of pizza and calzones. The funds raised will play a key role in paying for their trip in April.