TPP Staff 2018-19

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TPP Staff 2018-19

courtesy of wikimedia commons

courtesy of wikimedia commons

courtesy of wikimedia commons




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Staff for 2018-2019

Three Penny Press Leadership Team 2018-2019

Bettina Almonte – Lead Paper Chief & Section Editor Centerpiece

Fayth Kemp – Lead Online Chief, Honorary Paper Chief & Section Editor (tbd)

Seth Rock – Online Chief & Section Editor (tbd)

Ishani Shethia – Paper Chief & Section Editor (tbd)

Adam Remels – Paper Chief & Section Editor (tbd)

Zoe George – Section Editor Features

Sabrina Wren- Section Editor Centerpiece


Joseph Mazella – Section Editor Entertainment

(tbd) – Section Editor News

Mark Hicks – Photog Editor/Visuals

Eyob Tadesse – Photog Editor/Visuals

Alex Torres – Business Manager

Nshira Saba – Business Manager

John Bunge and Brian Reyes – Sports page

(tbd) – Features page

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