Students celebrate Earth Day

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Students celebrate Earth Day

courtesy of The Hill News

courtesy of The Hill News

courtesy of The Hill News


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Flower crowns. Face painting. Rock painting. The smell of henna. A band playing classic hits. These are all things going on on Earth Day, April 22nd.

Many people got involved in Earth Day through clubs. Sophmore Brianna Cambric was asked to work at the flower crown station by a friend.

“I got involved in Earth Day because my cousin came to me and said, ‘Hey, can you help us with entertaining’”, Cambric said. “I was like, ‘Sure! I’ll ask around, see who needs help.’ So then, while I was waiting with my group, we’re doing a K-Pop dance, Diamond came around and asked if I was able to help. I was not really doing anything, so I could come around and help.’ I ended up being put at the flower crown table.”

Henna has become one of the most popular forms of body decoration in recent years.  Junior Mishma Kahn, explains what henna exactly is.

“It comes from a plant and it leaves a dye. In our culture, we usually do it for celebrations and weddings to represent happiness. It is another tradition in our culture.”

One classic symbol of loving the Earth is the flower crown. Cambric explains the process of making a flower crown.

“At the flower crown table, it is a dollar a flower”, Cambric said. “Five flowers is a crown and costs five dollars. You come and you measure it to your liking. You choose your flowers and we hot glue them on the crown and you are set to go.”

Earth Day has become one of the most popular holidays in recent years. Dejah Tucker, Sophomore, explains why she thinks Earth Day is so popular.

“We have a lot of activities and we have a lot of people involved.”, Tucker said. “Also, people are starting to see how important the Earth is.”

Often we don’t take care of the Earth, Kahn explains why people forget about the environment.

“Because we have so much resources, we sometimes forget that we could run out of these resources.”, Kahn said. “We take it for granted.”

There are a lot of ways people can be environmentally friendly. Cambric thinks that the small things count the most.

“I think it would be good to start like friend groups for the weekend so you can go to the park or go clean a beach.”, Cambric said. “The small things are what count the most. You could go to a beach on a Saturday, stay there for two to three hours, and pick up three bags of trash, and that would make a huge difference. There would be a lot less trash and plastic in our oceans and animals. So, starting as small as making a friend group and going every Saturday to clean up somewhere would make a huge difference.”

Though Earth Day is over, that does not mean you do not have to appreciate the Earth. Kahn thinks we should celebrate the Earth everyday.

“Earth Day should be celebrated every day.”, Kahn said. “We should take care of the Earth on a daily basis. This should not be a once-a-year thing.”