Orchestra Fall Concert

The lights dimmed. The audience quieted. All lights shone on the stage as Laurette Reynosa, the orchestra and piano teacher, crossed to her conductor’s platform. She raised her baton, and the musicians prepare themselves for their performance. This was the orchestra’s Fall Concert on Oct 23.

The annual concert showcased the hardwork and talents of all three orchestra groups: Lyrica, Philharmonic and Sinfonia, in ascending order of difficulty. The students enrolled in these classes practiced everyday with Reynosa in order to ensure the music would be performed at the highest level.

James Li, a violinist in his third year on Sinfonia, believed the concert was a success. He described the concert as entertaining.

“We played well and I liked the quality of our performance,” Li said. “The program ran smoothly and I also enjoyed listening to the other level orchestras performing their songs. There were very minimal mistakes made and I could tell that the audience was focused on the music.”

For about an hour the three groups performed their repertoire in succession. Lyrica went first and was followed by Philharmonic, with Sinfonia ending the night. Li said his favorite part of the concert was when he was performing.

“My favorite part of performing with the orchestra is when we are all synced together and play as a unit rather than as individuals. It is a great feeling because you get caught up in the music and stop thinking about anything else but the piece that you are playing.”