Physical therapists give back through offering free physical therapy services



At the beginning of each school year, physical therapists Amy Hsieh and Chris Cimo from Memorial Hermann meet with the Bellaire coaches from all sports to advocate their help for any athlete’s needs or injuries. 

Once a week every Tuesday, Hsieh and Cimo offers help to any athlete who comes into the Girl’s Gym during lunch. All types of athletes come in and seek for help, such as football, volleyball, swimming, basketball players and more. Hsieh said that she loved being able to give back to her community.

“I love having the opportunity to work with the community,” said Hsieh. “Many of the players get worried for their next games wondering if they’ll be able to practice and make it to the upcoming games.” 

When Cimo was younger, he fractured his collarbone and didn’t receive the opportunity he had when he was in high school. So for him to come to Bellaire definitely made a huge impact on making a difference for student athletes who don’t have the money to pay for a personal physical therapist.

 “We’re here for the kids and give them empowerment physically and mentally,” said Cimo. “This is the kind of help student athletes seek in their everyday lives and just want someone to help them get better, knowing that they are cared for and are always free to come by and get a fast and easy checkup.” 

If you are an athlete and are interested, Hsieh and Cimo are in Girl’s Gym every Tuesday at lunch, offering free physical therapy service, injury screening, health education and more.