Profile on Film Club’s Vice President: Haley Quantz

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Profile on Film Club’s Vice President: Haley Quantz


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Senior Haley Quantz, Vice President of Film Club, formally known as Cardinal Productions, talks about her experiences with film and where she hopes to go with her film and the club .

C: How were you first introduced to film?

H: I would say I was introduced to film through self-discovery. I always enjoyed watching movies and I would find myself paying attention to details that others didn’t. I would also say that my surroundings and the creative, wonderful beings around me inspired me to create.

C: How do you come up with your ideas?

H: I come up with ideas in many ways! I get inspiration from things I read, things people talk about, things I see in the world or even dreams.

C: What process do you use to make your films?

H: The process I use would be finding inspiration and forming an idea, brainstorming ways to formulate that idea into a plot and figuring out a script or outline. I think of what I’d need, where I’d film it, who would be in it, getting most details down, and then I start filming and going with it. I like see how it goes and let things happen. There are no mistakes in art!

C: So what is the Film Club, or Cardinal Productions?

H: Film Club, created by (senior) Matthew McCleskey and (junior) Sam Goldenberg, is basically a gathering of talented, experienced or unexperienced aspiring filmmakers that want to further their knowledge in film and create and collaborate with each other.

C: What do you hope to achieve this year?

H: I hope to make tons of progress this year and create more films, videos and art, in general, than I ever have.

C: Do you plan on pursuing a career in film?

H: Actually, I do. As of now I plan to double major in film and environmental science and work for either National Geographic or the Discovery Channel. I might pursue them both separately or make independent documentaries about the issues in our environment.

C: Is there any advice you would give?

H: Anyone can make film! Just whip out your phone or whatever you have and get creative with it.


Cardinal Productions’ films can be found on their YouTube page:


Photo caption: Seniors Haley Quantz and Hannah Wolfe set the scene for their Halloween film trailer, “The Electrocution.”