Matt Hammon Profile


Matt Hammon is passionate about music. He especially likes rock music. He spends all of his time outside of school playing in bands and writing his own music. Hammon, an AP economic teacher who has been playing in bands for 20 years and has finally made his first rock album.

“The first time I sat down behind a drum set, it made sense to me,” Hammon said. “The mechanics just made sense.”

He knew what he loved and continued to pursue his passions in rock music, playing in various bands in high school and continuing his career as a musician.

“I have been playing rock music since I was 15,” Hammon said. “I played drums and guitar and when I was out of high school, I started touring. I’ve had a 20 year career playing drums in rock bands.”

During that period, Hammon wrote his own music while traveling and performing with his band. Although he enjoyed what he was doing, Hammon wanted to play his own pieces.

“I had amassed this body of work playing on other people’s albums,” Hammon said. “I finally wanted to make my own record with these songs that I had been writing over a 20 year career, mostly playing drums, and so I finally just did it.”

After years in the business, Hammon was ready to create his own album. He took inspiration from the road trips and constant movement involved in touring for his record.

“I spent a long time travelling and playing in bands,” Hammon said. “This record is actually called ‘Silver Suitcase,’ so it’s just a nod to the suitcase that I’ve traveled with and how I kept my own belongings in there both physically and figuratively with my ideas.”

Hammon’s love for music started in high school when he first played the drums, and although he didn’t play necessarily well, as he was self-taught, he loved making music and playing it. The record represents his thoughts throughout his career and even includes a song he made in his teenage years.

Since his time in high school, the music industry has really changed because of the ease in sharing music through internet platforms. With various outlets that allow musicians to post their work, the competition in the industry is high making it harder to make a living as a musician. Hammon shared his advice to anyone who is really passionate about music and wants to pursue it as a career.

“Music has really, really changed and largely because of technology,” Hammon said. “If you have a guitar keep playing it.”