Kayla Boffone Profile


Bettina Almonte

Theatre teacher Kayla Boffone is new to BHS.


At the start of the school year, returning theatre students were met with new teachers, Kayla Boffone and Rachel Ollagnon. Having taught theatre for five years in both Westside High School and Pin Oak Middle School, Boffone was experienced and wanted to teach at Bellaire because of the things she heard not only about the theatre program, but also the school itself.

“I knew Bellaire from the UIL One Act Play Competition,” Boffone said. “I heard from other people that worked here that it was a really good school and a good place to work, so when a position opened, I decided to apply.”

A change that Boffone enjoyed was the comradeship found in her coworkers. In order to create good performances, she had to work closely with James Scott, the theatre tech teacher, and Ollagnon.

“I was at a smaller school, so I like the idea of having colleagues, having people that I work with,” Boffone said. “When there are three people versus one person all working towards the same goal, there is a little less pressure on me.”

Scott, Ollagnon and Boffone hoped to unite the theatre program to create a proper company called the “Red Bird Productions.” The changes made in the past semester was noticeable. Scott applauded the hard work of the entire company to be able to accomplish the goals that he had at the start of the school year.

“My goals for the program was to produce more work for the school year,” Scott said. “I wanted all the theatre spaces to be utilized. I think so far we have accomplished those goals and then some. Every single person in intermediate and advanced theatre has been involved in working on a show in one aspect or another whether that was behind the scenes, helping prepare costumes and props or being on stage. You have seen more actors on stage this semester than we have in previous school years.”

Scott believed it was the drive of his coworkers and the theatre students to improve that allowed for the accomplishments.

“Boffone and Ollagnon are so enthusiastic,” Scott said. “We share similar beliefs about what our theatre program should be and where it should be headed. They are both ready to work hard,and they have already proven that by staying late after school.”

As a result of their work, students have gotten more involved in theatre, and Junior Sam Powers, a theatre students for three years, thought this change was for the better.

“The new theatre teachers have revitalized and expanded the program, allowing more kids to participate in theatre,” Powers said. “We have a huge school, and it’s important that our program involves a lot of kids who have an interest and passion for the subject. This year the teachers have been utilizing many of the tools at their disposal to create a stronger company, and this effort has helped the company become a community that is more organized and communicative.”

Another goal for the recreated theatre company was to create a lot of opportunities where students could perform and express themselves through their acting.

“Our goal was to get the advanced theatre class involved in as many different projects as we could,” Buffone said. “That’s why we decided this fall to do a black box show and a main stage show. Next semester we will be doing the Wizard of Oz, and of course, UIL. I want all our shows to be as amazing as they can be.”

In order to create enjoyable shows, everyone in the company will have to work together under the guidance of Scott, Ollagnon and Boffone. The new teachers have brought a change to the department that has opened up many opportunities for students who enjoy acting, and it is greatly appreciated.

“All the teachers involved have been working towards improving our experience in theatre with a kindness and grace that is appreciated by all of the students,” Powers said. “They have set out to create a more unified company and they have most certainly succeeded.”