Special Education Administrative Assistant Ana Baez Profile

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Special Education Administrative Assistant Ana Baez Profile


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Ana Baez, the Special Education Administrative Assistant, has been and still is a well-known Voice Over Artist and translator for many years. She graduated from University of Texas in Austin with a degree in Radio Television and Film. Her degree helped her earn a job as a Production Director on KPRC and a Public Relations Director, KXYZ radio. Baez and her husband Ernesto Baez, started a production company called Baez Productions and have over twenty-seven years of experience. Baez started doing Radio, TV, and Film after college after getting a degree at University of Texas in Austin. Baez started doing Radio, TV, and Film after college after getting a degree at University of Texas in Austin.

“I started right after college,” Baez said. I was hired as the production director for the Alvin Van Black radio show at KPRC radio. I also did traffic for the radio. Traffic means that I would log or add the commercials or the public service announcements to the schedule every day. I worked there a short time,” She said.

The Spanish Era started to bloom in Houston and from there she wanted to use her Spanish skills. “Luckily an easy listening Spanish radio station was about to open in Houston,” Baez said.  I was the Public Relations Director there. I loved working in Public Relations, that’s why I moved from KPRC to KXYZ.”

Baez explained how she originally got her first job in the business. “I went to school with Lane Orsak,” Baez said. He happened to be the son of Bunny Orsak, the first woman to have her own TV show on ABC 13. Bunny’s stage name was Kitirick and she was a mascot for a children’s channel. Laughing about the memory. Baez stated “She got me my first job at KPRC, Channel 2 Houston.”

Baez and her husband started a production company called Baez Productions.

“It is actually where we record most of our jobs,” Baez said. “My husband’s  studio records the Spanish version of almost all of the Concert spots, plus he records narrations, and commercials. I met my husband at the Spanish radio station. He was the production director and I was the public relations director.”

Over the past 10 years Baez worked with ABC, Palais Royal, Exxon, Univision, Popeye’s Kroger and Macy’s.

“When I started voice overs, you would have to send out your voice demos on cassette tapes,” Baez said. Now you can just use the internet. If the commercial that needed to be recorded was your right fit or if the producer liked your voice then that is how you would obtain that job.”

Baez moved to education through substitute teaching.

Cyndi Denman, who was a government and economics teacher at ,needed a substitute and convinced me to apply.”

Ms. Baez loved working with students and started to substitute more and more. “One thing led to another, and I finally got a position here,” Baez said.  There was a job opportunity and I was asked to join the Special Education department. I did know some things about Special Education because I have a daughter with cerebral palsy, but every day you are challenged and there was always something new to learn, a new experience for me.”

Baez gave some advice for people interested in doing voice acting

“Go for it! It is a very competitive market and, you have to love what you do, as for any career,” Baez said. Put together your voice demo using your acting skills, then find a talent agent. Here in Houston the best talent agency is Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency. Make an appointment, find an acting coach, record a Voice-Demo and, submit your demo. Then be ready to audition for your jobs.”