Figure skater Megan Hafer Profile


courtesy of Megan Hafer

Megan Hafer poses with Olympic figure skater Ashley Wagner


Every two years athletes from all around the world gather in one city to show the world their talent. This year, this unifying event was hosted in PyeongChang County, South Korea. The athletes who participated in inspired millions of people all around the world, including Senior figure skater Megan Hafer.

Hafer took interest in figure skating at a very young age. “I think whenever I was three I was watching the Winter Olympics and I told my parents that I wanted to figure skate,” Hafer said. “They didn’t believe me at the time. It was not until I turned 6 that I had my first skating lesson. I figure skated competitively with some friends in elementary school and even when they all ended up quitting I stayed with it. I did this competitively until about eighth grade when I came into high school. I don’t skate as much anymore because I am in dance which takes up a lot of my time.”

Like many others, Hafer watched and enjoyed this years Olympics. “The Olympics this year were really inspirational,” Hafer said. “Watching them actually made me want to get back into skating. Seeing Mariah Nagasu land a triple axle was pretty amazing. She was the first American woman to land it in the Olympics. That was pretty inspirational.”

Although there are a countless amount of amazing figure skaters, Hafer had a favorite. “My favorite skater is Ashley Wagner,” Hafer said. “When I did a competition in 2014, there was a session with Wagner and her coach. Getting to learn from them was pretty cool and I ended up getting to take a picture with Wagner. She was very inspirational and taught me that figure skating is not just about the moves but skating for the audience as well.”

Being successful at anything, including figure skating, takes practice. “When I was skating competitively I would go to the rink a few times a week,” Hafer said. “I would get there in the morning around 6 am and leave at around 11 am. Now I probably go a couple times a year like during the summer or winter break. I do miss the sport though.”

People figure skate for many different reasons. Hafer particularly enjoyed the sound of her blades gliding across the ice. “My favorite part of skating was the sound of the blade going along the ice,” Hafer said. “I loved how it felt like I was flying when I was going super fast. I didn’t have to worry about anything it was just me and my skates and I miss that.”

Whether winter or summer, swimming or figure skating, the Olympics provided inspiration for people all over the world. Not just athletes but anyone who had a dream of any kind. “If you’re really passionate about something keep doing it,” Hafer said. “If it is what you like it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.” These Olympic champions have become models for people around the world and they are clearly following this example.