Ms. Wu Profile


Tina Wu is a substitute teacher currently teaching English. While walking with her through the halls, students of all backgrounds greet her with “Hi Ms. Wu!” or “What’s up Ms. Wu!”. She has had a long career of helping children through kindness and education.

Substitute teacher Tina Wu came from a childhood influenced by teaching. She describes how she came to America.

“I was born in China, but I moved to Taiwan when I was very young,” Wu said. I came to America as a graduate student. My father was the dean of a college in Taiwan. He had a doctorate in German. I have been part of the educational field for a long time, and I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I think I was influenced by my dad because I would always like to see the college kids come visit our home.”

Once arriving at America, Wu wasn’t always a substitute. She has had a life-long career in education. Wu describes how she became a substitute teacher.

“I’ve always loved to teach,” Wu said. “I was a high school teacher for 13 years. I was also a weekend principal for the Heritage School for 20 or more years. I have always loved to be with students. But after retiring, I started to sub. It is easier and more relaxing.”

Wu is one teacher whose passion for her work makes her stand out. She describes how she is so motivated for her job.

“I enjoy being a sub,” said Wu. “I think I am going to continue until I cannot move. I used to teach Chinese all my life, but I like to teach algebra too. I enjoy helping students who don’t know much about math. I like to teach all subjects, in fact.”

Wu subs predominantly at Bellaire High School. She describes why she thinks that Bellaire is worth being a substitute teacher for.

“When I sub, I want to sub at a good school.” said Wu. “I only go to two schools: Bellaire High School and Mandarin Chinese School. This year, I’ve become more dedicated to Bellaire, which makes me really happy. To me Bellaire is a very great school. I feel lucky to continue to be a substitute here. Some kids even tell me they want to me to be a full time teacher here!”

This year, Wu filled in for a vacant English position. Wu explained her current teaching situation.

“After spring break, I’ve taken over for Ms. Browns since she has taken a leave. I now teach all of her English classes. Her English classes are very enjoyable to teach.”

Wu is very well known among the students. She comments on why many students are happy to get her when their teaching is absent.

“I don’t know why I everyone likes me,” Wu said. “Maybe it is because I am young at heart. I love all my kids, and my kids love me. I love to spend my day at school with the kids. I don’t know, but I think they can feel my love for them.”