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Alejandro Morales Profile

courtesy of Alejandro Morales

courtesy of Alejandro Morales

courtesy of Alejandro Morales


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Name: Alejandro Morales

Age: 17

Grade: 11

Accomplishments: I am a platoon sergeant in JROTC and have gotten many medals in there, including being the 6th best cadet in the district my sophomore year.

Clubs/Activities: JROTC

Favorite class and why: JROTC because I really enjoy all the things we do in it and all the people in it.

Favorite musical genre/band/song and why: Pink Floyd, they have pretty good music even though it’s fairly old.

Favorite website and why:

It’s the website of the server I am staff on so I really enjoy looking at it/talking on there.

Favorite TV show and why: Forensic Files. The stories on there are really interesting, as well as getting an in-depth view into the work detectives do.

Favorite movie and why: The Shining. The atmosphere is amazing and Kubrick really chose amazing actors in order to make this film appear truly horrifying and scary.

Favorite book and why: The Crucible. The story is extremely interesting, especially because how much of it is based in history.

Ambition: My ambition is to go to West Point and be in the army as an officer for 20 years.

What I’m passionate about: I am passionate about the server I am staff on as well as getting into West Point.

What inspires me: The stories of other people my age inspire me as they really help me imagine myself in their spot, and make me want to be in their spot.

Three items that I absolutely cannot live without: My computer, my bed, and my desk chair.