Swimmer Noah Pittman Profile


Courtesy of Bellaire Swim

Junior Noah Pittman (right) celebrates after a meet.

The fierce competition involved in swimming requires regular practice. As swimmers’ times change, they must find stability through routine and focus.

Junior Noah Pittman, a varsity swimmer, has become an experienced swimmer. He has observed the swimming habits of both himself and those of his teammates. Since the school year has started, he realized a priority for many swimmers who may not have kept up their routine over the summer.

“Most people are trying to drop their times,” Pittman said. “It is the beginning of the year, and a lot of people gained time over the summer. Now, they are trying to lose it and get back in shape.”

These issues were common among swimmers, and Pittman had experienced them in the past. However, even for Pittman, it continued to be a major difficulty to maintain the best times that he could.

“I have been gaining time in my backstroke, which is my best event,” Pittman said. “I am working more on my techniques to fix it.”

Because of Pittman’s struggles, he agreed that keeping a firm routine was essential in losing time on his backstroke and keeping consistency in his times. Pittman knew that waking up earlier was worth it because it allowed him to swim at his best level.

“I practice during zero period, from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.,” Pittman said. “Occasionally, I even do a first period practice since I have that period off.”

These strict routines had always been an important part of keeping Pittman’s times from growing too much. His years of experience on the swim team gave him this discipline regarding practice. Also, the experience changed how he trained over time.

“In freshman year, most of my skill was based off of swim techniques,” Pittman said. “Now, I work on my stroke a lot more. However, I have kept a lot of the same routine as always.

In the most recent swim meet, Pittman was disappointed with his backstroke performance. As a competitive swimmer, he continued to push himself in order to stay fit and beat his own times. Pittman had many goals he wished to accomplish in order to make himself the best swimmer he could be.

“I am trying to get under a minute in regionals for backstroke,” Pittman said. “My best time is one minute.”