Andrea Sheridan-Nguyen

An interview with Andrea Sheridan-Nguyen who was named HISD 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year finalist.            How did you win the award?

Nyguyen: It was a huge surprise to me, I was really not expecting anything like that there was a vote taken of the staff and there were a lot of awesome contenders and it was just an honor to win that award.

Do you feel like you deserved the award?

Nyguyen: I think that I have an awesome team behind me that works really hard we have a small ESL department there’s only five of us who work together and so everybody just supports each other so much so I feel like it is a team effort.

What do you do for the school?

Nyguyen: Last year I was an ESL teacher for newcomers for English. This year I am the outback coordinator so I do all the coordinating and paper work for incoming students and help new students get support