Timothy Martin

Some may say that playing a sport is where a person finds their identity. But in 11th grader Timothy Martin’s case, it is different.

“Some words that I would use to describe myself would be hard-working, consistent, confident, and different,” Martin said.

Tim is an A/B student and finds a way to keep up with his grades year round as he plays varsity football and runs track post-season.

“I choose to play football because I love the game. When I step on the field, I play with my mind first, but always leave my heart out on the field I run track to stay in shape for the next football season, so my body will be prepared,” Martin said.

Tim aspires to be a physical therapist, and he works hard in his classes so that he can achieve his dreams of becoming this or an athlete.

“Every high school athlete has dreams of being a big player in the league but a back-up plan is always necessary.”

Outside of school, Tim loves being with his family and working at his mother’s restaurant.

“I have a one year old little brother at home and I spend most of my time at home with him and my parents. On weekends, I work at my mom’s restaurant, helping out in any way that I can and making sure things are running smoothly.” Martin said.