Sophomore revives club where her parents met

It was a Bellaire love story. Sophomore Zoe Kass’ parents met, in the Maple Street Journal, a literary publication featuring poetry, essays, art, and photography. Now, years later, Kass is reviving the very club that brought her parents together. 

“First of all, that’s why I exist,” Kass said. “It was a special part of their highschool experience.” 

The Maple Street Journal is open to all students. Kass hopes to attract in submissions of art and photography especially to enhance the publication.

“We have a lot of great poetry, but we want to diversify even more,” Kass said “It would be really cool to have more art to go with certain pieces.” 

Kass is hoping to send the journal to print at the end of the school year, as well as bring in authors affiliated with Bellaire to speak about writing.

“There have actually been a lot of authors connected to Bellaire, I know having authors come in and speak would be really interesting,” Kass said. 

To submit works to The Maple Street Journal, students can turn print copies in to a box in Mr. Wolfe’s room or online through a QR code posted throughout the stairwells and on Mr. Wolfe’s door.