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2017-2018 Staff

Seth Rock

News Editor

Seth Rock (an IB candidate) is a second-year staff member for TPP, and this year, he is a news editor. Outside of newspaper he leads our school’s Human Rights Club which is currently focused on the Venezuelan Humanitarian Crisis....

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Alex Torres

Staff Writer

Alex Torres  is a sophomore, and it is her first year on staff as a writer. Besides newspaper, she is also apart of the women soccer team and the Italian club. Torres is a fun and outgoing girl. Not a lot of people know that...

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Sofia Marini-Higgs

Photography Editor

Sofia Marini Higgs is a senior and has been on staff for two years. She is the Chief of Paper and Online Photography. She is the secretary of Bellaire Beating Hearts and is a member of the Italian National Honor Society. Marini...

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Bettina Almonte

Features Editor

Bettina Almonte is a second year staff member. She is involved in theatre, and in her free time enjoys watching children’s cartoons and feeding her fish. Once she graduates she wants to pursue a career in business. An interesting...

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Ishani Shethia

Staff Writer

Ishani Shethia is a sophomore this year and her first year on staff as a writer. She decided to join because of her love for writing. Shetha is part of the lacrosse team and also enjoys running in her free time. She is also an...

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Adam Remels

Staff Writer

Adam Remels is a sophomore and first-year writer. He is also the media officer for the National Beta Club. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies, playing video games, hanging out with friends and playing with his two dogs....

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Eyob Tadesse

Staff Writer

Eyob Tadesse is a junior and this is his first year on staff as a writer. He is vice president of the East African Student Association and a member of his church youth group. Tadesse enjoys anything to do with soccer, reading,...

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Mark Hicks


Mark Hicks is a junior and this year  first year photographer. He decided to join staff because he was interested in photography. Hicks also loves to volunteer at the Red Cross and in his spare time he enjoys long boarding and...

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Fayth Kemp

Sports Editor

This year will be Fayth Kemp’s second year on staff and her first year as an editor. She joined because of her love for writing and keeping up with what’s going on at Bellaire. She is involved in the eMotion Dance Company,...

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Maya Kanani


Maya Kanani is a senior and third-year staffer, this year as paper and online editor-in-chief. Kanani is a part of photography and writes for the “Bellaire Buzz”. Outside of school, she likes to hang out with her friends,...

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Stephanie Sonik

Centerpiece Editor

Stephanie Sonik is a senior. This is her second year writing for the Three Penny Press. She joined TPP because she loves to write and wanted to share stories with the school. She is on the Bellaire swim team and is in art as well...

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Amy Lin


Amy Lin is a senior and this will be her third year on staff. She is currently Editor-in-Chief and Business Manager. She has previously held the positions as News Editor and Writer. Lin is President of Key Club and also President...

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Ben Willcockson


This year, Ben will be a senior, Editor-in-Chief, and third year staff member. After this year, he plans to study architecture in college and maybe work on his future school’s newspaper. Along with putting out issues, Ben enjoys...

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Zoe George


Zoe George is a sophomore at Bellaire High School. She is part of a family of four with two guinea pigs and a dog named Annie. She loves reading, writing, and music and is a published author of a book called The Other Moon. At schoo...

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Eric Huang


This is Eric Huang’s first year as a writer for Three Penny Press. He is a sophomore, an officer of Bellaire’s National Beta Club, a Life Scout and runs the 100m and 200m dashes for Bellaire’s track team. Huang likes to...

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Jeffrey Chen


Jeffrey Chen is a first year staff writer. Besides TPP, Jeffrey is also a part of the Computer Science Club, JSA, and an event coordinator for the No Limits Club. When not working on school activities, Chen enjoys playing tennis...

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Connie Deng


Connie Deng is a third-year staff member on TPP and is the paper and broadcast editor-in-chief. She serves as the treasurer of Leo Club and works part time at a daycare. In her free time, she enjoys reading, sleeping, and crocheting...

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Jessika Pollard


Pollard is a sophomore and first-year staff member. She loves to write, and wants to promote her writing. She is involved in the swim team and the eMotions dance team. When she isn’t doing either of those, she does homework,...

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Joseph Mazella


Mazella is a first-year writer for TPP who joined to gain writing and journalism experience. Besides TPP, he is involved in Orchestra. In his free time, he enjoys training his dogs, playing violin, and spending time with his family....

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Kristen Eng


Eng is a first year writer on the Three Penny Press staff. Outside of newspaper, Eng is a part of the Bellaire swim team and enjoys running in her free time. She is currently vice president of the PAWS club as well as a member...

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Luis Leon

Business Manager

This is Leon’s first year in the Three Penny Press. He is president of Mu Alpha Theta and a member of Students Without Borders. He enjoys tutoring and helping people with their college applications. Leon would like to pursue...

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Jackson Gray


This is Gray’s first year on staff. Gray joined because he wanted to be on newspaper for a while but never got around to joining until this year. Gray is in Boy Scouts, where he has earned the rank of Eagle Scout, and is also...

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Nadine Bouadi


Bouadi is a first-year photographer. She joined the Three Penny Press because she loves to take pictures, and it is great way to be social and involved with the school. Bouadi is involved in student council and the Russian club....

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Nauteca Winkfield


Winkfield is a first-year photographer. She volunteers at Linkwood Park, and in her spare time, she loves to read and play with her new puppy. Winkfield also has two brothers and two sisters. When she graduates, she plans to go...

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Nshira Saba


Nshira Saba is a first-year writer. She wanted to join Three Penny Press because she wanted to be a part of something other than sports and choir. Saba is not involved in anything now, but last year she was involved in choir....

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Vega Shah

Online Photo Editor

Shah has been on TPP since 2016. She joined TPP because she is interested in photojournalism. Outside of newspaper, she plays lacrosse and works at the Glassell Junior School. She also likes to read, take naps, and play with her...

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Sabrina Wren


Sabrina Wren is a first-year writer for the Three Penny Press. She is involved in choir and is historian of the W.R.I.T.E Club. When she is not procrastinating, Wren enjoys making jewelry, reading, cross stitching and basically...

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Stephanie Holden


Holden is a third-year staff member for TPP. She is an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma candidate, and she is co-president of the school’s GSA. Holden is also president of the Rugby Club and has been playing rugby since...

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