3E President presents on the “Gamer Cloud” at HoustonTechFest

December 4, 2014

Senior Valentino Moreign and family present at the HoustonTechFest.
Courtesy of Valentino Moreign
Senior Valentino Moreign and family present at the Houston Tech Fest.

On Sept. 13, 8th annual HoustonTechFest (HTF) was held at the Reliant Center. HTF is a Professional Computing Technology conference where over 1800 registered attendees consisting of professionals, consumers and businesses alike from Houston and surrounding areas see and discuss the latest on software and hardware. A multitude of vendors showcased their tech products to their targeted consumers and tech enthusiasts. Companies attend HTF in hopes of hiring new, bright and interested computing talent.

Senior Valentino Moreign has been co-presenting for over 4 years at the HTF as part of the Houston Cloud Computing User Group (HCCUG). This year, he was the primary presenter for the Gamer Cloud with his younger brother Zane Moreign as his co-presenter.

“I presented on the Gamer Cloud, which is the professional level topic of the club I founded here at school, Entertainment Engineering Enthusiasts (3E), thus representing and promoting both, HCCUG and 3E,” Moreign said.

3E is a school-sponsored club for those interested in Entertainment Engineering that provides a time for members to gather at school to discuss and explore trends in this field for consumers and developers.

“I want the members of 3E to be aware and experience the opportunities in the professional computing community, that could influence their career choices.” Moreign said.

Moreign has been co-presenting with his father at multiple professional computing events for over 4 years, including Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, SQL Saturday, SharePoint Saturday and other local professional computing user groups.

“This time, there were over 1800 registered attendees,” Moreign said. “The sessions that I co-presented/the Consumer Cloud and presented/the Gamer Cloud pulled a better-than-expected crowd, especially the Gamer Cloud session.”

Moreign felt that the crowd was intrigued by his talk about Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS), and had a great experience answering questions and interacting with the attendees after the session.

“The best part was when the organizers (specifically President Mr. Steinberg, and VP Mr. Hellman) and others told me that my session was a success, especially since they were the ones who gave me this opportunity,” Moreign said. “I strongly recommend that those interested in the latest in the professional computing arena get involved in the local professional computing community and user groups. “

More information about Moreign’s projects can be found on http://valentino.moreign.com.


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  2. Amy on December 29th, 2014 10:53 am

    This is awesome. Valentino, you should give a talk like this at school. 🙂

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