(Provided by Houston Hot Sauce Festival)

Provided by Houston Hot Sauce Festival

Houston Annual Hot Sauce Festival

September 24, 2015

This past weekend on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th was Houston’s annual Hot Sauce Festival. It was located in Stafford and held at the Stafford Center. The admission was $10 per person, while kids under the age of 12 got in for free. This event has small, local business who have amazing products. Although it’s called the Hot Sauce Festival, there were plenty of other activities and booths to entertain various crowds. Salsas, chips, beef jerky, meat, soap, and crafts filled the open space. There was live music playing and very friendly booths excitedly waiting for you to try their products. The festival also held a contest for the best salsas, rubs, and products. It accommodated all ages. They even had a kid section that entertained the young ones with games and prizes. A henna artist and fortune teller was also there. The crowd was very diverse and lively.

On Sunday the 20th, I attended this event with my boyfriend. We were strolling around and saw a contest going on. He was interested in what it was, since he enjoys spicy foods. Come to find out that it was a contest to eat the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper. Being daring, he decided to take the challenge. Very shortly after, he regretted his decision, because the heat would not escape his mouth. Others who tried the challenge were sweating, crying, and even throwing up. People watched and cheered for the ones who tried the pepper. The whole environment was very lively and fun. Although he will never try the Carolina Reaper again, I’m sure this won’t be our first and last time going to this fun-filled festival.

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