Spirit Week 2015



Homecoming week at our school had commenced through October 26th and 30th, the week of the varsity football team’s important game against Chavez High School. The week before Halloween began with Marvel Monday, where students dressed up as their favorite characters from Marvel comics and movie franchises. Multiple students wore outfits representing the strong and heroic saviors of the fantasy superhero realm. The following day, Twitches Tuesday, students like juniors Cate Olsen and Katie Terry participated in this particular day by dressing exactly alike. Senior Haley Cambron also “twinned” that day and told us why she loves Homecoming Week.

“It was fun to watch everyone with very creative twin outfits,” Cambron said. “I like how people can really express themselves and have fun without any judgement.”

Junior Laura Mendoza also dressed up for Twitches Tuesday and also feels this way.

“I really liked the themes this year and Twitches Tuesday was fun because I like how they involved the October theme in it,” Mendoza said.

Homecoming week really brings the school together and makes the thousands of individual Bellaire students feel like a whole.

“Homecoming week is great because it’s an opportunity to dress up and feel like you’re part of something,” Cambron said.

Wonderland Wednesday was a hit as students of all classes dressed as fairies, princesses, princes, and more fantasy creatures. Throwback Thursday put Bellaire in a blast to the past as students dressed as people from decades earlier, as far as the 50s! Talk about throwback. Finally, to garner extreme school spirit for the upcoming game, Blood Red and Ghost White Friday had the whole campus covered in our notable school colors. By Saturday, the Mighty Cards were so pumped up from the week that we came away with a win of 45-12 Cards!