Cloud 10 Creamery Feature

Cloud 10 Creamery Feature


Strolling through the Rice Village area, you may have never noticed a small ice cream shop tucked away further down Morningside Drive. Cloud 10 Creamery is a Houston based ice cream shop that caters to a variety of different tastes and appetites, which offer delicious desserts with a good number of options.

The Houston-based eatery opened in Oct 2013, catering to extravagant and rich flavors of sorbet and ice cream that you wouldn’t normally think of. During my visit, I was introduced to the original flavor Nutella and Marshmallow, which features Nutella-flavored ice cream with marshmallows in it. The creamery has a host of original flavors that include Vanilla Bean, Café Sua Da, Lime and Ceylon Cinnamon, Spicy Dark Chocolate, Toasted Rice, Marzipan and Peanut Butter and Crushed Peanuts. They also have sorbets in the flavors Mango Pineapple and Lemon and Mint. The shop goes above and beyond this, however. Their website boasts of adding even more flavor to the already unique menu: “Each season, we will offer ten sensational new flavors in addition to our original ten flavors.” Past seasonal flavors can be seen on their website ( Other flavors offered on my visit were Beet-Hibiscus, Maple Butter with Walnuts, Buttermilk with Blueberry-Lime, Tandoori Spices with Grape Jelly and Egg Custard.

I tried 2 scoops of the Nutella and Marshmallow, which is a small at $4.35. A small, medium, and large order can also be purchased, with a large being $8.00 for 4 scoops and a medium being $6.20 for 3 scoops. The menu also boasts milkshakes, sundaes, cookie sandwiches, and more. These prices can range from $4.25 for a hot chocolate to $11.35 for a special sundae banana split. The shop is currently serving fall flavors in rotation that include Gingersnap with Pear Caramel, Local Gourds with Milk Chocolate and Red Bean with Butternut Squash Jam ice cream. Seasonal sorbets include Honey Cereal Sorbet and Grapefruit and Sage Sorbet.

The creamy and rich taste of the ice cream flavors, along with the uniqueness of theses carefully crafted desserts, appeals to palettes for a variety of taste buds. The calm and welcoming environment definitely wills me to return to try these other offered specialties that I did not get a chance to try. The shop opens at noon daily and closes between 9 and 10 pm, varying on the day. I would definitely recommend this fairly new shop in the area to anyone looking for a savory treat!