Greece Trip Q&A


courtesy of Zoe George


Every year students go on a trip to another country during Spring Break. Elizabeth Chapman ,an English teacher who started going on the trips three years ago with her students. This year the group went to Athens, Greece to explore the country and learn about its history. They will be staying there for about a week, with the help of EF Tours. Before the trip, I sat down with Chapman to ask questions about the past trips and what she was in preparation for the upcoming trip.

Q: When and where was the first trip the school went on?

A: We went on a trip to England three years ago.

Q: What has been your favorite so far?

A: So far my favorite trip was the one we took to Japan last year. It was really exciting, really different, and the whole country was really beautiful. There were about 30 people that went to Bellaire. In the whole country it was very crowded everywhere, and there were tons of people.

Q: What are some of the things students will be doing on this trip?

A: We will see some of the most important architectural monuments in the entire world. We will go to our own pottery workshop to make pottery in the style of the ancient Greeks. We will sample lots of delicious food, and we will be taking a cruise through some of the islands.

Q: I understand there are 35 students going. How many chaperones are going?

A: We will have six official chaperones and four other parents who are coming along.

Q: When you go on these sponsored trips, what do the students love the most?

A: The students love the feeling of independence and the ability to discover the world on their own. They will feel so capable afterwards to travel.

Q: What are some good safety tips for when you travel, and good packing tips?

A: For safety tips always be with a buddy. Don’t feel obligated to talk to strangers. You don’t owe them your time or your attention. In terms of packing, I would say rolling your clothes can save a lot of space and make your suitcase a bit more roomy.

Q: Any good healthy travel tips? For example, foods to avoid and snacks to take?

A: Try as much as you possibly can. I would not be afraid of getting sick from the food in most countries. Drink a lot of water because you will be walking a lot.

Q: What are the most popular souvenirs?

A: A lot of students will be looking for the Evil Eye. It is a bead, and sometimes much larger, but it is a really beautiful blue glass object. The leather sandals in Athens are supposed to be fantastic and amber beads are supposed to be really beautiful there.

Q: What should be avoided in Greece?

A: Not many people know this but there is a hand gesture with your hand all spread out, called the moutsa, that is an offensive gesture so they need to be careful not to accidentally make that.

Q: What impact does going on these trips have for the kids?

A: After the trip, I think kids feel more confident. They feel excited about seeing the rest of the world and for many students this is the first trip. It gets them excited about seeing the rest of the world over their lives.

Q: Would you like to add anything?

A: I think this trip is going to be an incredible experience and that we will be good representatives of Bellaire for the country of Greece.