New Teacher Q & A with Bean Burr

Q: “Good afternoon Mr. Burr!”

A: “Hi!”

Q: “How are you doing today?”

A: “I’m having a good day.”

Q: “Well, let’s get this thing started, shall we? Is this your first year at Bellaire?”

A: “It is.”

Q: “How are you liking it so far?”

A: “I’m loving it.”

Q: “You’re loving it? That’s great! How long have you been a teacher?”

A: “25 years.”

Q: “25 years, wow! What college did you go to?”

A: “The University of Texas at El Paso.”

Q: “Nice. So, what made you come to Bellaire?”

A: “Nothing made me. I came here because I wanted to come. Mr. Lloyd, there are some other teachers here, from Barbara Jordan. I used to teach at Barbara Jordan High School, 25 years ago.  And, there are other teachers here, Mrs. Smith in the English department is from there, Mr. Lloyd, the assistant principal is from there, and there’s one other person from Barbara Jordan. So, Barbara Jordan is no longer a regular high school, so when I applied in Houston, Bellaire had two openings for a science teacher. So, I applied here because Mr. Lloyd is here.”

Q: “So, what made you become a teacher?”

A: “I was a starving researcher at Baylor College of Medicine, and researchers don’t make much and they don’t have benefits. So, when my wife and I started having kids, we needed better health insurance, so I started teaching at Barbara Jordan High School in Houston.”

Q: “Nice, nice. So, what do you like most about being a teacher?”

A: “It keeps me young, and here’s why: because of the personalities, you can’t help but love all these cute kids and their great smiles. What do I like most? The students that I work with, would be the short answer.”

Q: “Yeah, totally. How has teaching changed your life as a whole?”

A: “I’m much more liberal because I’m much more empathetic. I was raised in a suburb, where we were alike. And, I thought success was making a lot of money. My students have redefined success for me. Like, being married for 30 years is a success. Having kids that love you is a success. My students have changed the idea of success for me.”

Q: “Do you take part in any hobbies outside of school or is there anything that you like to do?”

A: “Yes, I like to sing. I sing in a church choir. I sing period, but I participate in a church choir. I like to play basketball, but I haven’t found anybody my age yet that likes to play basketball. I really enjoy watching horse races, I have many friends in that. They train race horses.”

Q: “I see, I see. Well, is there anything that you would like to add?”

A: “I grew up in El Paso and went to UTEP. And then, I came to Houston, I wound up marrying a woman from Houston. I’ve lived in Houston for 14 years. And I have 3 kids.”

Q: “Wow! Well thank you Mr. Burr, and thank you for your time!”

A: “My pleasure.”