First Day Interviews


Interviewer: Ashlyn Martin

Interviewee: Jordan Williams


A: How was your summer and did you do interesting?

J: I had a good summer, I played a lot of basketball tournaments. I went to New Orleans and my team and I got the chance to play where the LSU basketball players get to play.

A: I’m sure that was a great experience! Do you play basketball at Bellaire as well?

J: Yes, I do. I play small forward and I play on varsity.

A: Wow, that’s great! Speaking of Bellaire, how would you say that your first day of school was?

J: My first day of school, it went well. I got to see a lot of my friends, and a lot of new faces. I got all good classes, except one.

A: Sounds like you had a fairly great day. Is there anything that you’re looking forward to this upcoming year?

J: Most definitely, the varsity season, seeing if I can keep all of my A’s, and that’s pretty much it.

A: Well Jordan, I hope that you achieve all these things this year! Is there anything you would like to add?

J: 2019 and 2020 are getting back to back state championships, just to let everyone know!

A: Haha, we’ll see! Thank you for your time!


2nd Interview

Interviewer: Ashlyn Martin

Interviewee: Hillary Broussard


A: Hey Hillary, how are you today?

H: I am kind of tired, but I’m doing okay.

A: So, what grade are you in Hillary?

H: I am a junior this year.

A: Cool, so am I! So, how was your first day?

H: So, my first day was very eye-opening because I have a few senior classes and I’ve got to be on my grind this year because these classes will improve my GPA greatly and save me some time and stress for later. I’m glad that I am taking them, but it’s just hard and one thing that I also need to work on this year is not giving up.

A: What kind of classes are these that you’re taking? Are you happy with the teachers that you got for these classes

H: I am taking dual credit government and economics, AP stats, and Spanish 3. I am pleased with all of my teachers, but the curriculum is what I’m most worried about, because as an athlete, if you don’t pass, then you don’t play.

A: Those sound like very hard classes, I wish you the best with them. You said that you’re an athlete, what sport do you play?

H: I play basketball, on the girls varsity team.

A: Nice, that’s super cool! Is there anything that you’re looking forward to this year academically or athletically?

H: Academically, I would like to end the year with a 3.7 or higher gpa. Athletically, I just want to stay healthy, not get hurt, and do what I have to do to make these colleges look at me.

A: It sounds like you’re willing to put in the work, to receive the privileges that come with it. I wish you the best! Is there anything else you would like to add?

H: Nope, that’s it. Thank you.

A: No, thank you! Have a great rest of your year!



Interviewer: Ashlyn Martin

Interviewee: Eboni Rodgers


A: How has your first day been?

E: I really enjoy my anatomy class because in the future I would like to have a profession in the medical field. So, I feel like learning about the human body and the functions would really help. I enjoyed seeing my friends today because I haven’t seen them all summer, it was nice to see their faces again. I think that going into the first day, I wasn’t sure about going to school, but after I finished off the day, I was really happy with returning to school.

A: Wow, that sounds really cool to have a class surrounded by what you would like to do when you’re older! And I know that it must’ve felt amazing to see all your friends again! Is there anything that you’re looking forward to in this upcoming school year, other than anatomy class?


E: I am kind of looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. Last year, I was very antisocial and to myself, but this year I can see that there is room for change.


A: That’s great, Eboni! There’s always room for improvement in all aspects.


E: Of course!


A: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

E: I just hope this is my best school year yet, because there is a lot riding on this year, such as college, basketball, and a lot of requirements that I have to meet.

A: Well, I will be rooting for you to meet them! Thank you for your time!

E: Thank you!