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Junior Zak Pham’s First Day Quote

Zak: I am in eleventh grade.

John: Ok Zak can please tell me how your first day is going as a junior.

Zak: My first day has been a day I have been really waiting for, seeing all of my friends that I haven’t all summer is always really fun. Having new teachers is also equally exciting.

John: Zak since you’re in eleventh grade does this first day experience seem pretty similar to the last two years?

Zak: Well since I’ve been to Bellaire for two years I am not as nervous as I was in previous years, but yeah this experience is pretty familiar.


Junior Kenneth Alexander’s First Day Quote

John: Alright Kenneth what grade are you in?

Kenneth: I am in eleventh grade.

John: How is your first day going?

Kenneth: I am not going to lie my first day has been a little rough. Seeing all my friends is nice, but the school has completely screwed my schedule. I am a big part of Emotions dance team and the school has put me in bells and now I have to completely up root my schedule to fix this problem they have given me, but besides that I’m good.